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Pilates Yoga Movement at Clerkenwellbeing

Pilates Yoga Movement (PYM)

Clerkenwell is the second studio of Pilates Yoga Movement, founded by one of the foremost teachers of and authorities on Pilates and yoga in the UK, Anne-Marie Zulkahari

Located on the top floor of the Clerkenwellbeing building is one of the most renowned Pilates studios in London: Pilates Yoga Movement (PYM). This spacious and fully-equipped Pilates studio offers one-to-one and group tuition by a team of dedicated teachers who are uniquely qualified.

Clerkenwell Pilates Yoga Movement

Clerkenwell is the second studio of Pilates Yoga Movement, founded by one of the foremost teachers of and authorities on Pilates and yoga in the UK, Anne-Marie Zulkahari . Her original studio – launched in Kilburn in 1994 – is a mecca for north-west Londoners who seek Pilates teaching that is informed, intuitive, and personalised – and waiting lists are long.

Pilates Yoga Teachers

Teachers are hand-selected by Anne-Marie from amongst graduates of her Pilates Teacher Training programme, an extensive and rigorous 2-year course accredited by the Pilates Foundation. This highly respected programme includes in-depth tuition of anatomy and physiology – as well as the techniques of the Pilates method – ensuring that teachers are able to adapt exercises to meet the needs of individual clients, including those with challenging therapeutic needs.

Once qualified PYM teachers participate in regular professional development (recent courses include Feldenkrais; Anti-Gymnastique, and Body-Mind Centering) with the result that at PYM, clients receive teaching that is always informed by the very latest understanding and knowledge of movement techniques.

Furthermore, to ensure clients receive close attention, Pilates studio sessions are kept deliberately small – a maximum of 5 clients at any one time. Reduced class prices are available on Mondays and Fridays.

Pilates Yoga Class Timetable

Click here to see the PYM timetable at Clerkenwellbeing and here for further info. on teaching staff.

charlotte clinical director at clerkenwellbeing pilates yoga

Acupuncturist and Managing Director of Clerkenwellbeing Charlotte Morgan says: “What makes Pilates Yoga Movement stand out from the crowd is its quality of teaching. The genuine love of movement; the dedication, and the constant enquiry of the team – which brings the latest techniques to bear in the studio – means that the standard of teaching delivered is, I believe, unparalleled in London.

“We’re delighted and proud to have PYM at Clerkenwellbeing: Anne-Marie is a renowned and inspirational figure in the world of Pilates and her approach to movement and wellbeing is very much in keeping with our own. It’s fitting then – for us and for our clients – that we co-exist under the same roof.”

pilates yoga movement clerkenwell
For further information please visit the Pilates Yoga Movement website

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Mat Pilates at Clerkenwellbeing

Clerkenwellbeing also has Mat Pilates classes availble.

Suitable for all levels including beginners, athletes and performers, and for rehabilitation. If you are new to yoga and pilates, we recommend you start with pilates for the following reasons:
  • Pilates promotes good postural alignment, and strengthens and stabilises postural muscles.
  • Pilates teaches you how to work correctly in preparation for larger pilates and yoga classes.
  • Pilates mat classes are a good supplement to pilates studio sessions (one each per week is recommended).
Pilates is suitable for all levels of ability from those recovering from injuries to those looking to optimise their dance or sporting performance.


Mat Pilates Timetable