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Pilates Teacher Training

Pilates Yoga Movement (PYM) Teacher Training

Pilates Yoga Movement (PYM) Teacher Training is a unique programme delivering an unparalleled standard and quality of tuition to student Pilates teachers in the UK

The 2-year course includes an apprenticeship that aims to create fully rounded teachers who not only possess a deep understanding of anatomy; physiology; biomechanics and movement, but who are equipped to adapt their teaching to the individual according to his or her needs.

PYM Teacher Training instills in its teachers a love of learning, of inquiry, and integrity, whilst remaining firmly committed to the principles of the Joseph Pilates method.

Course directors: Anne-Marie H. Zulkahari, Mariela Panero and Sarah Doherty.

Main tutors: Anne-Marie and senior teachers at Pilates Movement: Mei Clarke;  Kara Dressel and Monica Argenton. Guest teachers include Hana Jones; Janet Briggs (Physiotherapist at the Royal Ballet lower school), and practitioners from the Clerkenwell Clinic.

Accredited by the Pilates Foundation the next comprehensive PYM Teacher Training course starts in September 2016 and ends with the Pilates Foundation exams, which take place in either May/June 2018 or November/December 2018 depending upon whether the trainee has completed the 1200 hours.  Those wishing to complete the Pilates Foundation mat work exam after the first year (July 2018) so that they can start teaching are able to do so.  This is optional.

For further information please visit the Pilates Yoga Movement website

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